About Us

Faculty of Theology International (FTI) is committed to those seeking theological education for a ministerial vocation. At the same time, FTI qualifies those who desire to continue their formal education at a professional Master’s program and on to a doctoral studies program.

A specific contribution of FTI is the creation of a bilingual program that allows students to study in Spanish or English language in a context that focuses on spiritual life and respects the cultural world of the student.


-In 1981 FTI became a member of the Hispanic Theological Association (www.athispana.com). In 1982 the certification of the Ministerial Diploma and in 1986 the Bachelor in Christian Ministry degree.

-FTI graduates can apply for ministerial credentials issued by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

-FTI operates under the Education Code of the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education of the State of California.


FTI traces its origins within the classrooms of LIFE Bible College (now LIFE Pacific College). It was in 1976 that Professor Enrique Zone had the vision to start classes in the Spanish language. The first classes were taught at the LIFE building and in the historic “Room 500” of Angelus Temple. Looking for a curriculum with a more appropriate structure for the educational needs of Hispanic people, FTI was autonomously created in 1978 under the leadership of Enrique Zone as its first President.

In 1979 FTI obtain a permanent campus at Beverly Blvd. Foursquare Church in Montebello, CA.

The first graduation was the June 22, 1981, with the pioneering class “More Than Conquerors” composed of twelve students. It was the same year that the International Board of the Foursquare denomination officially recognized FTI, retroactively, as the educational institution for training Hispanic Foursquare ministers.

FTI developed two ministerial programs: the Associate in Ministry, 2 years of study and the Bachelor of Christian Ministry, 3 years of study. Over the years FTI has also developed a Continuing Education Program that operates during the summer months. As a pioneer institution, the FTI has graduated pastors, Christian educators, missionaries, evangelists, and church planters within and beyond the Hispanic community in Southern California.