For all aspiring students:

The educational philosophy of admissions at the Faculty of Theology International was crafted from within the context and cultural experience of the Hispanic community. From this urban setting a singular challenge of ministerial training is addressed, which is expressed in the following proposition:

“Everyone who has a call of God to the ministry has a right to receive adequate ministerial training in their culture and language.”

Specifically, the following personal qualities are required:

Be a believer in Jesus Christ, and have an identifiable calling to the ministry. Demonstrate a spiritual and emotional level of maturity level characterizes his or her calling.

Be a good example with a positive recommendation from the pastor and local church with regards to one’s testimony.

The desire to learn is a indispensable characteristic.

Must be responsible–all students must keep their academic and financial obligations up- to-date as a sign of the calling of God in their life.

In addition to the above, admissions to the Bachelor in Christian Ministries program requires each candidate:

Complete 78 units of previous study from a recognized Bible Institute. In addition to the previously attained 78 units, 48 units are added through the Bachelor program, resulting in the 126 units required for the degree. To that extent, FTI welcomes all who have completed studies from a Bible Institute, vocational school, and/or have ministerial experience.

For pastors and leaders currently in ministry, it may be possible to use ministerial experience for admission consideration. For more information, please review ‘fast track application’ in this website.