Bachelor in Christian Ministry

The vision of the Faculty of Theology International is to help urban workers bridge the gap between Bible institute training and a ministerial degree. By transferring Bible institute units and augmenting them with a robust academic program, FTI’s Bachelor in Christian Ministry program (B. Min.) offers unique educational access, enabling students to advance to graduate work and take positive steps towards their future.

The Bachelor in Christian Ministry program seeks to serve pastors and key lay workers who are challenged by the Lord to further their preparation in a post-modern world urban ministry setting.


Enroll in the Bachelor program in Christian Ministry is very simple, just follow this steps:         

1. Download the following recommendations that, once completed correctly, should be sent to complete your registration. Download here the PASTORAL RECOMMENDATION and the PROFESSOR’S RECOMMENDATION.

2. Complete the REGISTRATION FORM found below.       


For more information write to or call us at (323) 728-5336


The Bachelor in Christian Ministry program is designed in the cohort model, bringing 25-30 students to study together for the duration of the program. Other elements of the design include:

  • Completion in 9 to 13 months.
  • Classes meet the first and third Saturday of each month, and one-week intensives.
  • Available in: Spanish and English.
  • Students will write and defend an original research thesis based on a ministry of their choosing.
  • Two options for study, traditional and online with residency.


Required Courses

ED301 / Andragogy 3 units
ED302 / Critical Reflection 3 units
RS301 / Orientation of Thesis Writing 2 units
SF301 / Spiritual Formation 3 units
TH302 / Philosophy and Ethics 3 units
RS302 / Bibliographical Research 2 units
CU301 / Theology of Mission 3 units
CU302 / Cultural Antropology 3 units
RS303 / Style and Composition 2 units
MI401 / Theory of Pastoral Administration 3 units
MI402 / Basic Church Legal Concerns 3 units
RS401 / Advisement and Revision 2 units
CU401 / Contextual Ministry 3 units
CU402 / The Urban Church 3 units
RS402 / Thesis Delivery 2 units
ED402 / Academics 3 units
CU403 / Futures 3 units
RS403 / Thesis Defense 2 units
Total for the Bachelor in Christian Ministry
48 units*         

NOTE: This program is subject to change.

*Added to the previous 78 units that are required for admission  to the program, for a total 126 units.


The Faculty of Theology educational programs are certified by ATH –