If you have a call to pastoral ministry, evangelist, Christian education, administration or the mission field, Facultad has a degree for you. The Associate in Ministry covers all these elements in two years, with 20 courses for a total of 78 credit units. Associate students will acquire the necessary competency to take them into new levels of excellence and professionalism. Full-time students should be able to complete this degree in a minimum of two years.

A characteristic of Facultad is that classes in our Associate in Ministry program are delivered by highly qualified professors. Our faculty members possess vast ministerial experience and graduate degrees from serious accredited institutions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.





The Associate in Ministry program is designed for those servants of God who have a call to the ministry and a desire to achieve greater effectiveness in the pursuit of that calling by increasing their knowledge of the Word of God.

The program consists of a total of 20 courses and 1 Ministerial Reflection paper. It is designed for the full-time student to obtain his or her Associate in Ministry in two years, yet can be flexible in order to accommodate students with limited schedules.

The costs associated with the program allow Christian workers greater access to quality formal education.


Associate in Ministry – 2 year program:

Required Courses

TH101 / Systematic Theology  I 4 units
BI101 / Old Testament I 4 units
SF101 / Ministerial Disciplines (Self-Care) 4 units
BI102 / New Testament I 4 units
TH102 / Systematic Theology II 4 units
SF102 / Ministerial Disciplines (Ethics for life and ministry) 4 units
TH103 / History of Christianity 4 units
MI101 / Hermeneutics 4 units
SF103 / Ministerial Disciplines (Cultural Competence) 4 units
TH201 / Systematic Theology III 4 units
BI201 / Old Testament II 4 units
SF201 / Ministerial Disciplines (Conflict Resolution) 4 units
BI202 / New Testament II 4 units
TH202 / Systematic Theology IV 4 units
SF202 / Ministerial Disciplines (Social Dynamics) 4 units
BI203 / Apocalyptic Literature 4 units
MI201 / Homiletics 4 units
SF203 / Ministerial Disciplines (Calling and Vocation) 4 units
Summer Workshop  S1/S2 * 6 units
Total for the Associate in Ministry
78 units**    

NOTE: Subject to change.

* Required.

**To obtain the Associate in Ministry, the student must submit his or her intention to graduate at the beginning of second year classes. An additional “Ministerial Reflection” paper is required. The writing implies a combined reflection on ministerial disciplines and a biblical and theological foundation.

The Faculty of Theology educational programs are certified by ATH –

Note: The Associate in Ministry program is available in the United States.